IMPORTANT: We had sad news for you, we are out of business. Application does not work anymore, and we do not have plans to fix it.

If you purchased our application recently - you still can try to ask refund from Windows Store. We do not know how to do that, but we know that it is possible.

If you were our users for these 2.5 years. We just want to thank you for support and for being our users. 

The reason why we killed this application: Google deprecated API which we used for authentication https://developers.google.com/identity/protocols/AuthForInstalledApon May 27, 2015. As you can see official way to fix it - we need to switch to OAuth, which could be great if Google Music API was public. But because it is not - we cannot register ourself for the OAuth. 

If you want to purchase sources - let us know (contact us on support@outcoldplayer.com)  

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