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Implement Windows Phone Version

Implement Windows Phone Version of gMusic.

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    Adminoutcoldplayer support (Admin, outcoldplayer) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

    We’ve tried but failed.
    Windows Phone still has a lot of limitation. For example Background Agents (process which plays music in background) still have limit of 21/25 Mb per process. This is just not enough for .NET applications which need to handle streams.

    We have tried different things:
    1. We tried to use our standard approach – cache stream in memory – works only for short songs. And this approach fails when user switches between songs very quickly.
    2. Directly send network streams to MediaElement (this is the approach which we used in v1 for Windows). In this case no memory issues, but because network streams have limited life (usually around 5 minutes) – a lot of issues with long tracks and a there are will be issues with pausing / replaying the same stream.
    3. Work with files. Stream network streams to files and at the same time read data from the same file to MediaElement. We were close, but still
    a) streaming is not smooth (user can hear some clicks)
    b) still memory issues. Especially when user has good network connection. Actually weird Windows Phone behavior. When we kept calling GC.Collect() manually – we had performance issues but no out of memory exceptions. So it seems like windows phone runtime does not try to free process memory before killing process.

    This means: it is still possible to write good Google Music client, but only with native (C++) runtime. This will require a lot time from our side, which we don’t have. Let’s be honest: Windows sales do not cover time and investments we spend on outcoldplayer for Windows, and chance of good sales on Windows Phone is very small.

    Our recommendation will be to use CloudMuzik for Windows Phone http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/cloudmuzik/5735ed0a-4a0b-455e-95dc-193016da392e?signin=true


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      • ellis commented  · 

        Shabby. Going back to android fuck off windows

      • Daniel Betancourt commented  · 

        Any chance of this working with Windows 10 on WP? I have yet to look too much into it but it should be more seamless of an update to get it working between Windows devices.

      • Livio commented  · 

        Hi Devs, Outcoldplayer on Windows Phone should be a top agender item, at the moment Google charges only for the tracks, or albums you purchase, Microsoft does not, it's subscription based, this relies on the fact that the user can afford a regular monthly fee, I would say that continuing the project for a Windows phone implementation by charging for the app is an option, but to create the finance to support the initial development cost as one posting has suggested 'Kickstarter', what I would say though, don't go down any subscription based service implementation, the phone app would fail through lack of membership.

      • ZKentSpain85 commented  · 

        I would gladly pay for this. 10 USD sounds fair! Please reconsider :) I use Outcoldplayer for my Surface and sometimes just on my desktop! It's simple, clean, and a great UI. I need this on my WP! Please consider a kickstarter campain, I'll be more than happy to support you! :-D

      • Rich commented  · 

        Have you considered a Kickstarter project for a Windows Phone app?

        Outcoldplayer is an outstanding Windows 8.1 app and similarly implemented on WP8.1 would be light-years ahead of the competition. GPMAA is an excellent service that I have no intent of leaving and I wouldn't blink at paying $10 for a WP or universal app of comparable quality to the Win8 version.

        With the advent of universal apps since your 'offical response' above' I hope that some of the technical issues can be overcome.

      • Steve commented  · 

        Thank you Out cold Media for the fantastic app for my MS Surface Tablet! I love it! It works so well and does EXACTLY what I needed it to do.

        I agree with the comment below.... windows phone users need a phone app that will do the same thing!! Please. I too would be willing to pay for it. Thanks!

      • chris commented  · 

        I would be super excited, if you could make a Windows phone app. Would be happy to pay for it, too.
        You PC win 8.1 software is stellar good ! thanks for that.

      • Jackie Earley commented  · 

        This is something I was thinking about over the past couple days. We definitely need this for Windows 8.1.

      • Tyler Shivers commented  · 

        Well you gave it a good try. Maybe after the next Build conference .net will be an option.

      • Joseph Wortman commented  · 

        This is awesome to hear! Will you guys be offering a beta that we can help test, before the final release comes out?

      • Thomas Mclachlan commented  · 

        This has just given me another reason to look forward to the 8.1 update. Great news.

      • Benny commented  · 

        This would be amazing! Current Google music apps on WP8 are severely lacking and this would blow them away! The new unified app framework makes this a no brainer, please do!

      • Thomas Mclachlan commented  · 

        I would love your app on my Windows Phone. I would gladly pay for it. Your app for the pc and tablet is easily the best music app.

      • Gavin commented  · 

        I'd happily pay to have this implemented on to Windows Phone, please introduce it!!

      • Tyler Shivers commented  · 

        With introduction of unified apps across wp8.1 and win8.1 this might be a heck of a lot easier for you to do now.

      • Mike commented  · 

        Would be nice if it supported WP7 too, but WP8 would do.

      • osm commented  · 

        I support this suggestion. There are other WP8 clients, but I would rather have a consistent experience and use gMusicW on both W8 and WP8

      • Derek R commented  · 

        Would also love to see this please, just picked up a Lumia 1520 and Love the phone but Miss Google Music! Would gladly pay for this nice app.

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